Why are wooden toys the best?

They are more durable (produce less waste than their plastic counterparts), biodegradable and can even be made from sustainable wood. Good quality and eco-friendly wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. As mentioned earlier, plastic toys can often harbor hazardous chemicals. Although wooden toys are a much safer option, you should make sure they are not made with formaldehyde-containing wood or toxic finishes.

So yes, wooden toys are timeless and durable. Yes, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly. Whether it's a wooden horse and imagining galloping through the woods, also known as the back garden, or playing extraordinary architects with a range of colorful building blocks, simple wooden toys help spark children's imagination and make them think outside the box. Because of this, wooden toys have a long service life and can be passed on to younger siblings, relatives or friends.

The reason for this is the chemicals that are used to cause these plastic toys to leak into the child's digestive system and eventually into his bloodstream. You'll find that some plastic toys contain a combination of chemicals that could end up causing more danger than they're worth. We believe that fewer durable, high-quality toys are better than countless cheap, plastic, breakable toys that never last. Quality wooden toys have a naturally beautiful appearance, environmentally friendly and promote meaningful gaming experiences.

That is precisely why, in recent years, wooden toys have returned in a big way, with John Lewis, Argos and The White Company just some of the main retailers who have boarded the wooden toy train. A construction toy to create and build, ideal for developing fine motor skills, such as loose parts, for making prints for painting or with plasticine, combining colors and sorting, etc. From before the age of three, which is the age for which most wooden toys are suitable, children can start to learn essential social skills that will help them throughout their lives while playing and having fun. Ideally, the toy should be safe, affordable and durable, not to mention that it has some role in the development of mental and physical abilities.

Wooden toys expand and crack in extreme heat and should not be soaked in water unless they are treated to be waterproof to prevent swelling. While most come from plastic bottles, plastic materials broken and wasted from other things such as toys make up part of that percentage. This is another construction toy like Duplo and LEGO, but it connects in a very different way compared to the first one. But more than that, I believe in our responsibility as parents to make conscious and intentional toy purchases.

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