Do montessori toys have to be made of wood?

Montessori prefers toys made of wood and other natural materials, as they allow imaginative play and encourage exploration. They are also safer, as they are free of chemicals that can be found in plastic. Choose toys made from natural materials whenever possible. A rattle made of wood or metal will give your baby much more information about his world than a plastic one.

The metal is cold to the touch at first and then warms up in the hand. Wood provides a variety of textures. And both metal and wood have an interesting “taste for the baby”. Plastic, on the other hand, always has the same temperature and is tasteless or has an artificial mouthfeel.

Similarly, metal and wood provide an interesting weight when your toddler works with puzzles, balls and similar toys. They vary in feel and weight depending on size, where plastic tends to need a larger change in size to achieve a clear change in weight. It is a unique material that connects us with nature and provides a unique sensory experience for children of all ages. And many Montessori parents appreciate Waldorf-oriented toys and other alternative learning philosophies.

Unleash your imagination and build the most epic life-size houses, Montessori house beds, playhouses, castles, fortresses, towers, places or anything else you like using large building blocks. Good quality and eco-friendly wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. Instead of focusing on the toy and fully enjoying its purpose and value, they will flutter from one toy to another, making a mess and feel progressively undone. Montessori toys help children's self-motivated growth and development, not only physically but also in cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Normal toys are mainly made of toxic material and flame retardant chemicals such as BPA, lead, formaldehyde and PVC. The visual appeal of these attractive toys is also important when figuring out how to set up a Montessori nursery or playroom. Montessori toys are simple and easily understandable and the child begins to learn from the simple to the most complex.


toys are a great way to contribute to the environment, without having to do much.

Montessori toys are manufactured on the principle of Montessori education, so these toys are made for a purpose. It should be a toy they can hold and touch, as learning to manipulate objects is key to helping children develop their fine motor skills. Also, when toys are made of very hard wood, such as Birchwood, which Monti Kids uses, they are unlikely to splinter or break. Placing some toys within easy reach on wooden shelves or cabinets gives the child independence of what to work with next.

The durability of wooden Montessori toys also means that a toy can provide continuous learning and development for years, unlike plastic toys that are likely to break soon. In conclusion, we must say that Montessori toys are better than ordinary toys in almost every respect.

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