Can i send wooden toys to new zealand?

This tool will help you learn what you can and cannot bring to New Zealand. It contains information about the items we are most frequently asked about: food, beverages, sports and outdoor equipment, and animal and plant products. Don't have time to search online for information about delivering a package to New Zealand? Do you have any questions that need an answer about sending an international gift? Just write your question on a simple form to get your answers from our international customs gift shipping specialists% 26. Secondly, the New Zealand Postal Service may lose small packages. Once again, having the package tracked and insured will help prevent the complete disappearance of the package.

The best way to save cargo is to ship a large box that weighs 2 pounds (1 kg) or more. In many countries, these packages are processed separately with the official postage stamp. Wood with attached bark or insect holes or in an unfinished raw state will attract attention, while finished wood products will generally be allowed to pass. Carrying or importing other items, such as sex toys or dolls that are considered indecent or obscene, could also result in seizure and prosecution.

In addition, items such as cakes or chocolates are also difficult to ship, as they are likely to melt in hot weather or in shipping warehouses in New Zealand that don't always have air conditioning. Think of all those happy tourists who leave the country every day clinging to their didjeridoos and wooden boomerangs, all confident to take them home to be given a place of honor among travel memories, without any problem. There is no problem, or certification required, to ship or take wood products abroad, with the exception of New Zealand, whose Customs can inspect unfinished wood products if they deem it necessary. If you want to bring or ship a wooden product to New Zealand, you must declare it and possibly it will be inspected according to the nature of the item.

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