Expert Tips for Cleaning Thrifted Wooden Toys

As an expert in analytical testing and writing about appliances, cleaning products, textiles, and organization, I have extensive experience in keeping homes clean and organized. One of the most common questions I receive is how to clean thrifted wooden toys. These toys are not only great for buying second-hand due to their sturdiness, but they are also easy to clean and disinfect. When it comes to cleaning painted or varnished wooden toys, a mild soap and sponge will do the trick. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and use a gentle cleaner such as a vinegar-water solution (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water), eco-friendly dish soap and warm water, or a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner diluted with water.

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can dry out the wood. To disinfect wooden toys, I recommend using white vinegar or apple cider diluted with water. After disinfecting, make sure to air-dry the toys or wipe them thoroughly with a cloth. It's important to keep it natural when cleaning wooden toys. When it comes to cleaning wooden toys, it's important to note that different toys require different methods. For example, wood with varnish cannot be cleaned with vinegar as it will remove the varnish.

It's always best to check the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning. To start cleaning, make sure to turn off and unplug the toy or remove the batteries (but replace the battery compartment cover) before washing. If the toy has batteries, it cannot be washed in the sink with other plastic toys. However, they are still easy to clean. If you're dealing with dirty outdoor toys, the best way to clean them is by taking them to the driveway and scrubbing them with hot water and soap. Since children play with these toys every day, it's essential to keep them clean and sanitized.

It's especially important to clean and disinfect toys more often when your child is sick or has the flu, and to do it again after they've recovered. When it comes to thrifted toys, I recommend leaving any toys with missing parts at the store. However, if you've purchased a lot of second-hand toys, make sure to clean your washing machine from time to time to ensure its full cleaning power. Every time you clean and disinfect your child's toys, consider swapping out the ones they aren't using for a few that were stored away. I like to store my cleaning solution in a spray bottle for ease of use, but you can also put it in a recycled glass jar to clean other surfaces in your home. Lastly, when your child is sick, I recommend limiting their toy selection to wooden and hard plastic toys, as well as plush toys. This will help prevent the spread of germs and keep your child's play area clean. One thing to note when shopping at thrift stores is that they often use oil-based writing utensils to mark the price of toys and other hard products.

Make sure to thoroughly clean these markings before giving the toy to your child.

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