What kind of wood is good for baby toys?

They are denser and are less prone to dents, chips and resist wear well. Its main advantage is its high density% 3D more durable. Toys made of hardwood can be passed on for generations if they are well cared for. Maple is a light wood with a pleasant grain, resistant to stress and wear.

It is used, for example, to make musical instruments (which could be included among toys). I would suggest any type of hardwood such as oak or maple. In my opinion, softer woods such as spruce pine or fir are more likely to splinter and that would not be good for the little ones. Make sure you sand what you do well to make it soft to the touch.

Make sure all dust has been wiped off. You can use lemon oil to coat the finished product and give it a clean shine. I would avoid stains and lack on a children's toy, as they can put the object in the mouth and there are many chemicals in wood finishing products. Maple, unfinished or with mineral oil.

Engineered wood such as MDF or plywood is versatile enough to make toys for children, but keep in mind that they can be loaded with chemicals used in the manufacturing process. The best in beech: one of the most common manufacturing materials among different types of toy-safe wood, beech is an incredibly durable material. Beech is a tenacious and compact wood, with good hardness and low tendency to splinter, a fundamental characteristic in toys and especially those intended for babies and children. If it's between this and an addict-looking toy that produces louder and more aggressive sounds, we opt for this hybrid wood-plastic toy piano.

This publication discusses the best wood for children's toys and the precautions to be taken when making them. As they are made of raw beech wood with no paint or wax on the surface, babies can also use them as teething toys. Considering all the above information and the fact that MDF does not resist water well, it would be prudent to use hardwoods to make toys for children. We also considered making toys from soft, hard and engineered wood, such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) and plywood.

This lovely wooden car set has contrasting colors to attract children's attention, and the large windows of the cars fit the little hands that are learning to grasp. Whether chewed on young children's teeth or stepped on by older people, hardwoods are dense enough to bite and hurt a foot, while remaining fit for future generations. The use of coniferous wood for the manufacture of toys should be carefully evaluated, since this type of wood tends to chip in case of impacts or other mechanical stress. Each wooden apple, pomegranate, lime, banana and avocado in this set is realistically painted with eco-friendly paint and can be cut in half to serve with a wooden knife (then re-assembled with magnets).

This wood is environmentally friendly and, although safe for children, it does not have the durability or longevity of hardwoods.

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