Are wooden toys better than plastic?

They are more durable (produce less waste than their plastic counterparts), biodegradable and can even be made from sustainable wood. Good quality and eco-friendly wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. However, keep in mind cheap and low-quality wood. So yes, wooden toys are timeless and durable.

Yes, wooden toys are definitely more environmentally friendly. Do you want to help save our environment? Generally speaking, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic because of their biodegradable nature and their ability to be recycled. Instead of filling landfills with artificial products, you can buy toys for your child that give back to the environment. Every time you give your child a wooden toy, you are participating in the salvation of our planet and, as a result, you pass these values on to your child.

As an organic, renewable and sustainably sourced product, of course, wooden toys are a much more environmentally friendly option than plastic. Wooden toys, in general, have a much better longevity than plastic toys. Not only in the fact that they are made of wood, they last well and can be repaired. But also in that, they are generally simpler and less “casual”.

Quality wooden toys are usually made of sustainable wood. Compared to plastics, wood is a renewable and biodegradable material that is less likely to harm the environment. Whether children build a city, zoom in on a wooden cart, or make a train track that stretches from room to room, they can use their own fledgling imagination to build, invent, play, fantasize, and create. Children can transmit their own voices and sound effects in cooperation with each other using wooden toys, which naturally lack any possibility of sound or interaction.

Whether painted, stained or left natural, wooden toys, furniture, art, and other objects tend to be visually appealing. This is another construction toy like duplo and LEGO, but it connects in a very different way compared to the first one. So why not reduce, reuse and recycle? Wooden toys are a great way to contribute to the environment, without having to do much. By purchasing a sustainably sourced wooden toy made from certified wood, you are playing a small role in reducing the amount of plastic waste.

For additional information to think about when buying toys, read my 3 questions to ask when buying toys. A construction toy to create and build, ideal for developing fine motor skills, such as loose parts, for making prints for painting or with plasticine, combining colors and sorting, etc. This means that, in general, they are a much safer option for a child's toy, especially if the little one is less than five years old. These plastic toys, oversold and filled with some kind of electronic element, offer very little in terms of creative play.

With its aesthetically pleasing designs and color palettes, you're less likely to notice wooden toys in your home while your child is still running and playing as much as they want. Montessori encourages young children to explore toys and toys in their own way; for infants and toddlers, which may involve repeated mouths, throwing and rolling. Yes, a given infant or toddler can make noise with anything ???? but wooden toys are generally quieter, allowing for a quieter play environment without the noise (not to mention lights and movement) of many plastic toys. Although quality plastic toys also come at a higher price, you can often get many alternatives to give your child.


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